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PhD StudentAstrophysics
My project (Geochemical Analysis of Late Archean Drill Core Samples from Western Australia) is looking for a “whiff of oxygen” in 2.7 billion-year-old rocks. We are essentially doing a follow-up study – the previous work done on the Mt. McRae Drill core samples found evidence for oxygen about 50 million years before the “Great Oxidation Event” (Anbar et al. 2007). We want to see whether these “new” cores (from Roy Hill, Australia) indicate the same evidence of early oxygen. My project sample set is from AIDP-3 (offshore drill cores) focusing on the Marra Mamba late Archean black shale. The goal is to create elemental distribution profiles along the shale at different depths for several different inorganic proxies for oxygen (specifically, molybdenum and uranium), and assess the degree to which they act as indicators of oxygen that may have been present in Earth’s ancient environment.
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PhD Student
Arizona State University
Planet Formation
Stellar composition and evolution, Habitability of planetary systems, Astrobiology, Bio-signatures
Patrick Young

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